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Frequently asked questions

This page shows frequently asked questions by users and the solution and recommendations for the use of Apps on Garmin devices


AllSomething is not working as it shouldAlways make sure you have the latest version of your watch software, Garmin Connect Mobile and Garmin Express (web version).
After that restart your watch and try again.
Setting screen button is not visibleGarmin changed something there. You have to remove the app in Garmin Connect Mobile(GCM) from the favourites. Then restart GCM and press the app in the non favourites part. Then the setting button is there. Sorry for that, but I can’t do anything about that. I reported it to Garmin though.
Update of the firmware required?Sometimes Garmin Express shows a message that an update of the firmware is needed even though the latest firmware is already installed. - Reboot your watch
- Update Garmin Express on your pc or Garmin Mobile software on your phone
Crash of the AppSometimes on certain watches the App crashes with an IQ sign on the screen- Reboot your watch
- Delete the watch from your phone and initiate a new connection from the watch
Settings are goneSometimes after updating a new version, The settings for the app are goneThis is because the update is initiated from the phone. Use your pc, start Garmin Express, attach your watch to your computer and update from here.
Heart rate recovery screen is shownOn watches with integrated heart sensor a recovery screen is show if you pause or if the heart rate drops with a certain amount of beatsThis is integrated in the watch and cannot be controlled by the app. I addressed this to Garmin and they will look into that.
Solution: You can press the back button to clear the screen and return to the app.
App is vibrating constantlyThe App checks if your speed is near to zero. It assumes,, you stopped, so it will go into auto pause. When your GPS signal is low due to the fact you are under trees or something else is blocking the signal, this could happen. You can disable auto pause in the setting screen, or you can set GPS to Glonass, which produces a better GPS signal even under trees.
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